Miyazu Amanohashidate tourist guide
Matsuba  crab  November 6 to March 20
Matsuba crab [ November 6 to March 20 ]
Matsuba crab is caught in the offshore of the Sea of Japan.
Freshness,large and sweet taste are the feature.
Sashimi,grilled crab,a hot pot and tempura are the popular cuisine. It is the king of winter taste in the Sea of Japan area.
Buri-shabu(Yellowtail hot pot)(December to February)
Buri-shabu (Yellowtail hot pot)[ December to February ]
The colder it is , the better a yellowtail is.
New popular cuisine “Buri-shabu” is devised in Miyazu in 1978.
Thinly sliced yellowtail is elegantly arranged like a flower and it’s boiled lightly in a broth (kobu-dashi) at the table. Served with ponzu (soy sauce and citrus juice).

Tango cockle (May to early July)
Tango cockle [ May to early July ]
The features of Tango cockle are large-size,thick,and sweet taste.
You can eat it in many kinds of way, such as sashimi, grilled cockle and sushi.
You can taste it only in early summer.
Oyster June to August
Oyster [ June to August ]
Oyster which is included a lot of nutrition for spawning is the most delicious in summer.
Eating raw squeezing lemon is the best.

Asari don (a bowl of rice topped with clams)
Asari don (a bowl of rice topped with clams)
Asari don is fisherman’s food. It is eaten for a long time.
Seasoning is different depending on the restaurants, such as boiled clams in a broth, clams with eggs.
Chie-no-mochi (sweet rice cake)
Chie-no-mochi (sweet rice cake)
Continued from 700 years ago, Chie-no-mochi is the special rice cake in Miyazu. It is small-sized mochi (rice cake) with sweet bean paste.
You can get wisdom by eating Chie-no-mochi.

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