【New Year’s Special】Japanese Traditional HAGOITA Making

What is HAGOITA?

HAGOITAーwooden paddle, originated from a Japanese tradition for girls.
At the beginning of New Year, girls play HANETSUKIーa badminton-like game with wooden paddles and a colourful shuttlecock.
Originally, HAGOITA was kind of present to new year’s celebrate girl ‘s birth. The paddles vary in size to symbolize girl’s growth, and also symbolize health and safety.
 Since HAGOITA is decorated mainly during the New Year ‘s Holidays to the New Year ‘s festival around January 15 , HANETSUKI playing is often played around this time.
Recently, HAGOITA gradually became decoration rather than HANETSUKI playing.

This is Traditional HAGOITA as a Decoration

Let’s Make Your Original HAGOITA!
We offer new year’s special activity at Amanohashidate Area.
Let’s make your original HAGOITA with your own colourful pictures!



  Adult & Child : 1,000 yen

※This price includes
①guidance fee by our instructor
②2 pair of HAGOITA paddle
③1 Shuttle
④all the  painting materials

 【Date & Time】

  January 1st ~ 13th January
①10:00~ ②13:00~ ③15:30~


Amanohashidate Activity Center
Address :934-1, Nakano, Miyazu city, Kyoto

TEL: +81-90-9047-5896

【For  Reservation】

■Please contact us through our Facebook and send us message or comment
■or TEL (+81-772-22-8030) Amanohashidate Tourist Information
■or please come to Amanohashidate Tourist Information (1st floor of Amanohashidate Train Station)

【Cancelation Policy】

2-5 Days before  …30%
The Day Before …40%
On The Day  …50%
Not Showing up…100%

If you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us!!


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