Amanohashidate and Kinosaki Onsen Turist Information

Amanohashidate Kinosaki Onsen



 Amanohashidate, one of Japan’s three most famous scenic views, is a naturally-formed geographical feature that is narrow and long, with a total length of about 3.6km.
Legend has it that the god who created Japan used a ladder as a means of traveling back and forth between heaven and earth. And one day, this ladder fell and became Amanohashidate. This spectacular and mystical landscape can be viewed from two observatories.


Recommended Spots

Amanohashidate View Land

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The view of Amanohashidate seen from this Amanohashidate View Land is called “Hiryukan” since it looks like a “flying dragon” up in the heavens. You can experience Amanohashidate’s dynamicism from a top of Mt. Monju. You can take a chair lift or a monorail to the observatory.
Also you can enjoy small amusement park with an observatory, such as cycle-car, merry-go-round, ferris wheel and so on.

Kasamatsu Park

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Kasamatsu Park is an observatory that offers a view of Amanohashidate with the blue sea and green pine trees. Stand with your legs apart and bend over to view Amanohashidate from between your legs. This position is called “Matanozoki” in Japanese. Then, the sea and the sky turn upside down, making it looks like a "bridge to the sky".

Amanohashidate Activity Center

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You can experience various Activities at Amanohashidate Activity Center, such as sea kayak, fishing, smoked seafood product making, candle make workshop and so on! For more detail, please ask Amanohashidate tourist information(+81-772-22-8030)
No need to bring anything with you, just have fun at Amanohashidate area and feel the nature.

Seasonal Information

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【Cherry Blossom at Kasamatsu Park】
“Kasamatsu Park”, one of the Amanohashidate two major observatory, is popular place to see cherry blossom in the early April. The view is really picturesque and many tourists take pictures from that observatory in that season.
On both sides of cable car way(or chair lift) bound for Kasamatsu park, there is a lot of cherry blossoms blooming. When riding this, you can feel as if you were passing through the cherry blossom tunnel.

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【Mitsuba Tsutsuji at Shiizaki Inari Shrine】
From the middle to the end of April, Mitsuba Tsutsuji at Shiizaki Inari Shrine will full bloom and shows vivid pink flower which surrounds layers of red Torii gate(Shinto gateway). About 1,000 flowers will full bloom in the every April.
The observatory of the mountain top is called “Sesshu-Kan”, because the view from that observatory make us imagine “Amanohashidate-zu” (designated as a national treasure) painted by Sesshu who is famous Japanese ink painter.
■Shiizaki Inari Shrine

Kinosaki Onsen


Experience a traditional Japanese onsen vacation with 1300 years of history

Kinosaki Onsen’s first hot spring was discovered over 1300 years ago. Today, there are now 7 hot spring bathhouses located within the town. Each bathhouse has its own unique style, from a cave to bathing alongside a waterfall.
Kinosaki Onsen is built around the idea that the entire town is one large ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn. All 7 hot spring bathhouses, or onsen in Japanese, are placed within walking distance of each other; it only takes 20 minutes to walk from the train station, or “ryokan’s entrance”, to the other end of town. Guests enjoy donning their yukata and strolling through town, down the streets with willow-lined canals. When guests stay in a ryokan, they’re provided with a rental yukata and a pass to go “onsen-hopping” in all 7 public bathhouses.

Recommended Spots

Stroll KIYAMACHI Street

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This quieter street that follows the Otani River from Ichino-Yu, near the center of town, all the way to the back of Kinosaki is one of my more favorite strolls of the more leisurely kind. There is very little traffic, aside from the occasional car or van making their way to local residents or small business tucked back here along the river. If you walk here in the early morning and late afternoons groups of local elementary school or junior high students will join you as they walk to and from school. The best part is the extending row of cherry blossom trees that create a green tunnel in the spring and summer, a orange and red one in the fall, and even beautifuler still, the thick clouds of pink that are created when the cherry trees blossom around late April.

Foot baths (MOTO-YU)

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The real pleasure of staying in Kinosaki is strolling through the town in yukata while enjoying a bite to eat and something to drink. Enjoy some local beer and gelato, as well as delicious street food such as meat on skewers and steamed buns. There are also 5 foot baths filled with hot spring water, which are free to use and perfect for refreshing tired feet.
Anyone can soak their feet in the foot baths.

The top of Kinosaki Ropeway

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The observation deck offers a panoramic view over the town as well as out onto the Maruyama River and Sea of Japan.

Seasonal Information

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Every midspring a festival is held on April 23rd and 24th to commemorate Douchi Shonin, a Buddhist monk who is the founder of Kinosaki Onsen. This festival, called Onsen Matsuri, is held on the anniversary of the monk’s death. In 717 AD, Douchi Shonin received a vision which told him to pray for the local people’s health for 1,000 days. After he did so, it is said that a hot spring shot up from the ground, creating Kinosaki Onsen.
The Buddhist monks from Onsenji, the temple where visitors often come to show their gratitude to Douchi Shonin, walk around town to each of the seven public onsens to pray for safety and prosperity of Kinosaki Onsen. It is a very special occasion that you can have the opportunity to witness!

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Lantern Festival

From July 26th to August 25th, there are festivals happening every day. Experience nostalgic Japan with everything from classic games like shateki and food stalls to fireworks and lantern-making. Below is a list of the different events happening and what is included in each one.
Lantern Festival: hundreds of lanterns made by the festival goers float down the Otani River. They write wishes on a paper lantern, put a candle inside and watch it float down the river–anyone is welcome to make their own lantern for free

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Danjiri Festival

This event is also known as the Fighting Shrine Festival. Four major portable shrines (danjiri), each representing a part of the town (north, east, south and west), are paraded through the town. The climax of the festival is when the shrines meet in the middle to battle. This is one of Kinosaki’s largest festivals, one not to be missed! The festival is held for two days every year in October on the 14th and 15th. On the first day, there is a small shrine battle in the afternoon at the red bridge near Kouno-yu. The main event, the shrine battles, takes place on the second day in the center of town near Ichino-yu, from about 5 pm to 6 pm. It is recommended to get there earlier than 5, as crowds start forming very early.


access map
From Kyoto・Osaka to Amanohashidate          From Kyoto・Osaka to Kinosaki onsen

■Train Schedule between Amanohashidate Station to Kinosaki Onsen Station

Kinosaki onsen to Amanohashidate

JR Kyoto Tango Railway
 Kinosaki Onsen Station Train Name Toyooka station Train Name Amanohashidate station
Dep. Arr. Dep. Arr.
9:33 Ltd. Express Kounotori No.12 9:42 9:51 Local train for Nishi-Maizuru 11:06
10:39 Ltd. Express Kinosaki No.12 10:48 11:00 Local train for Nishi-Maizuru 12:11
11:40 Local train for Fukuchiyama 11:54 12:00 Local train for Nishi-Maizuru 13:14
12:37 Local train for Toyooka 12:54 13:00 Local train for Nishi-Maizuru 14:18
14:42 Local train for Fukuchiyama 14:56 15:04 Local train for Nishi-Maizuru 16:17
15:50 Rapid service train for Toyooka 16:00 16:16 Local train for Toyooka 17:53



Amanohashidate to Kinosaki onsen

Kyoto Tango Railway JR
Amanohashidate Station Train Name Toyooka Station Train Name Kinosaki Onsen Station
Dep. Arr. Dep. Dep.
10:16 Local Train For Toyooka 11:30 11:43 Ltd. Express Kounotori No.3 11:52
11:33 Local Train For Toyooka 12:48 13:02 Local Train For Hamasaka 13:16
12:37 Local Train For Toyooka 13:49 13:55 Local Train For Kasumi 14:07
13:18 Local Train For Toyooka 14:41 14:45 Ltd. Express Kounotori No.9 14:54
14:33 Ltd. Express Hashidate  No.5 15:34 15:41 Ltd. Express Kinosaki No.7 15:50
15:21 Local Train For Toyooka 16:47 17:00 Local Train For Hamasaka 17:12