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AOI Festival at Motoise-Kono Shrine



April 24
Motoise Kono Shrine

■What is AOI Festival?

AOI Festival is a traditional Japanese festival held at Motoise Kono Shrine in North Kyoto.
This is  the oldest festival in the Tango (North area of Kyoto)area and is said to have continued for more than 2,500 years.
And it is a “Shinto” festival, the native religion of Japan that existed since before the introduction of Buddhism. The shrine god rides in a portable shrine called “mikoshi” which is carried through the town. It is believed that by doing so, the god’s power is “restored”.
A group of sword dancers lead the procession cutting the air with their swords to purify the path for the mikoshi. The dancers raise one hand and salute the sun. This is how they pay tribute to the gods before performing their dance as an offering.

24th April, 2020

Motoise Kono Shrine
430 Ogaki Aza Miyazu city, Kyoto

※From Amanohashidate Station:
Take the sightseeing boat from Amanohashidate boat pier(12min)→Get off at Ichinomiya boat pier and walk about 5min.

■Encounter the soul of Japan

Have you ever wondered what Japan was like before it was westernized? Then, come experience Japanese culture at the Aoi Festival on April 24th held at Amanohashidate, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan. Here you can encounter the original spirit of the Japanese people, purifying the path for god by waving swords and paying respects to the sun.

During the festival, a group of sword dancers move with some kind of sword called “Tachi“,so that dance called “Tachi-Furi“.

Tachi-Furi” March

100 years ago, a German writer also witnessed this dance and left a written record of his impression. As he writes, the sun god is the most important god in polytheistic religions. Kono Shrine where the Aoi Festival is held is a shrine of great historical significance, said to have enshrined the sun god before the god was moved to Ise Shrine. The Aoi Festival is an event where ancient Japan remains alive, held in a historical area that is the location of many Japanese myths. Come to the Aoi Festival at Amanohashidate so that you can also discover the original face of Japan that he saw.

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event name AOI Festival at Motoise-Kono Shrine
event address Google Map 430 Ohgaki
Miyazushi, Japan

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