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Defune Festival&Firework



July 24
Chionji Temple

■Defune Festival

This festival is a replicate of a famous legend which name is “KUSENOTO-ENGIー 九世戸縁起” concerning Chionji-Temple.

It is said that the God “Izanagi-no-Mikoto” creates Japan and also creates Amanohaashidate.
But one day, this God looks down the ground, the Bad Dragon got violent and became disordered. And in addition, it caused people could not live anymore. So the God Izanagi-no-Mikoto said, “If Monjyu-Bosatsu(Budda) who lives in the Chinese Mt.Godai comes to here, the Dragon will reformed itself to good Dragon.
Then Monjyu-Bosatsu welcomed into Amanohashidate area. After that, long time has past, this bad Dragon has became good Dragon and became “Budda”, he sweared to save the people forever.

The climax of the performance is the two dragon’s dance performance.
After that, the fireworks will be held.
There are also many food stands selling food and drinks on the Chionji-Temple street.

24th July, 2020

Chionji-Temple(5min walk from Amanohashidate train station)

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event name Defune Festival&Firework
event address Google Map 466 Monjyu Miyazu city, Kyoto
Miyazu, Japan

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