Let’s taste Buri(fish) shabu-shabu!!

Let’s taste BURI shabu-shabu at Amanohashidate area in winter!

“Shabu-shabu” is so famous Japanese dish, a type of hot pot.
In the northern Kyoto area, you can taste fish shabu-shabu, “Buri (yellowtail)” shabu-shabu in winter season, especially from November to March.
Let’s try Buri shabu-shabu at Amanohashidate area!

How to eat BURI shabu…
1.Put a thin slice of BURI into a hot pot.
2.Swish it back and force several times until the BURI turns pink.
3.Dip it in sauce and eat it!

Also we accept reservation of course meal of Buri shabu through our HP below;
or TEL(0772-22-8030)
or contact us through facebook (Amanohashidate tourism association)


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