Making Pine Cone Wreaths for Halloween at Amanohashidate

Halloween is coming soon…
if you are going to visit the Amanohashidate area, you can make a pine cone wreath for Halloween using various Halloween ornaments!

The pine cones all come from Amanohashidate’s pine trees, so you can make your own wreath as a memory of your trip to Amanohashidate…

This activity is a limited-time offer, only available until Halloween.  For reservations, please contact us as soon as possible!

~31th October

【Schedule : 1hr 30 min】

2,000Yen/per person

【Gathering Place】
Amanohashidate Activity Center
・Address : 934-1, Nakano, Miyazu city, Kyoto
・From Amanohashidate Train Station,
about 30 minutes by sightseeing boat and walking)

To make a reservation,
please contact us via facebook (search “Amanohashidate Tourism Association,Kyoto by the sea”)
or telephone(+81-772-22-8030)

Let’s make a wreath with your favorite decorations!

These pine cones are from Amanohashidate’s pine trees


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