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Matsui Bussan

|ADD:48 Ogaki, Miyazu city, Kyoto [ Map ] |TEL:0772-27-0028

Located in front of Kasamatsu Park`s cable car station. The first floor of the shop has both a souvenir shop and a restaurant. We recommend our Japanese cuisine and bouillabaisse ramen.

Matsui Bussan's Recommended Menu
Bouillabaisse Ramen
¥ 1,200
Student from a local created this Bouillabaisse Ramen and they have won second prize at "Umaimon-Koshien" in 2015. It comes with various types of seafood including crab. 6 types of spices are also served on the side.
¥ 1,650
This is the restaurant's recommendation, a rice bowl topped with various seafood. It comes with various seafood. Boiled seaweed and grated yam.
Mini Kaisen-don set
¥ 1,100
A small rice bowl topped with fresh sashimi and Udon noodles or soba noodles.

Basic Information
Opening Hours
Souvenir shop:09:00~16:30
Regular Holiday
No regular holiday
The number of seats
60 seats
Private room
English menu
About reservation
No reservation needed

Map / Access
■By train:5min walk from "Amanohashidate" Tango Railway station, take sightseeing boat from Amanohashidate pier, get off at "Ichinomiya" pier. 5min walk from Ichinomiya pier.
■By car:15min from "Yoza-Amanohashidate" interchange exit
Matsui Bussan
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Parking : 50cars/Bus available
Address : 48 Ogaki, Miyazu city, Kyoto
TEL : 0772-27-0028
Web site :
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