Notice for Event/Traffic around Amanohashidate for cancellation or postponing due to COVID-19


♦Fri, 24th Apr⇒ Aoi festival (Only Shinto rituals will be held

♦Wed, 13th May~ Fri, 15th May ⇒ Miyazu festival  (Only Shinto rituals will be held

♦Tue 26th May⇒ Tokyo 2020 Olympic games Torch Relay in Amanohashidate ( Cancelled this year and postponed together with Tokyo 2020 Olympic games next year )



◆Amanohashidate Station Tourist information Center ⇒ CLOSE until 31st of May

◆Miyazu city Tourist Information Center ⇒ CLOSE until 31st of May

♦Kanko Jyouho Station( Fuchu Information Center near by Motoise Kono Shrine) ⇒ CLOSE until 31st of May

♦Amanohashidate Activity Center ⇒ CLOSE until 31st of May


♦Tango Kairiku Kotsu high way bus⇒ Tankai High way Bus between Kyoto /Osaka ⇔ Amanohashidate stopped all the operation from Wed,15th Apr~ Restart undecided.

♦Willer Express Highway bus⇒ Between Tokyo⇔Miyazu station/Amanohashidate station will stop the operation until 30th Jun. (They may be operate partially around the Golden week  in May)


〈Sightseeing spot〉

♦Amanohashidate Viewland ⇒ CLOSE between Mon, 13th Apr~ Reopening schedule is undecided

♦Kasamatsu Park,  Amanohashidate Sightseeing Boat & Ine Bay Boat cruising ⇒ CLOSE from Wed,15th Apr~ Reopening schedule is undecided.

♦Amanohashidate winery ⇒ CLOSE from Fri, 10th Apr~ Sun, 26th Apr.

♦Motoise Kono Shrine ⇒ Opening Hour: 7:30~16:30( If you want to get Goshuin stamps, it is from 9:30~16:30)


※More than Above, there are some restaturants/souvenior shops around Amanohashidate are also closing some period time, if you plan to visit Amanohashidate, think carefully and get proper information before you come. The information, we try to update carefully on time. At the moment we Amanohashidate Tourist Information Center Open 9:00-18:00, everyday. Tel: 0772-22-8030.





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