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Kotobikihama Beach

A beach located in the Kyotango area famous for its “singing sand”.  Come check it out!

【 What’s required to make the sound? 】

1 A clean beach that contains “Quartz” in its sands and is surrounded by clean sea water

2 When the sand containing quartz is sufficiently washed by clean sea water, the friction coefficient increases drastically causing the sand to make a unique sound like singing.

【 How to make the Sound 】

1 Press down on the sand lightly with a bar from a height of five centimeters above the sand.

2 The sound cannot be made by mixing the sand around or pressing down on it strongly with a bar.

3 You can only make the sound two or three times with the same sand.

4 In order to preserve the sand, please do not push down on it more than three times.

【 Caution 】

1 Please do not dirty the sand or mix it with impurities.

2 Please do not touch the sand with bare hands.

3 Please follow the instructions given by our staff carefully, and… have fun!!


Spot Name Kotobikihama Beach
Address Kakezu, Amino-cho, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture [ Map ]
Opening Hours Museum Hours: 9 am-5 pm
Regular Holiday Museum Holidays: Tuesdays and December 28th-January 3rd;
Open everyday July 20th-August 31st
Usage Fee Museum Entrance: Adults 300 yen
Elementary School and Junior High School Students 100 yen
Handicapped Guests & Caretaker (Max. 1 person): Free (Must provide documented proof of disability upon entrance)
Reference Amanohashidate Tourism Association
TEL:(Tel.) 0772-22-8030

<Kotobikihama Beach>Access Information
Location Map
Kakezu, Amino-cho, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture
(*)Google Maps will open in a separate window.
Access An 11 minute bus ride from Amino Train Station
Or, also accessible by car
Parking Free Parking Available: 30 cars, or 3 large buses
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