Watch &Enjoy Live Streaming Webcams at Amanohashidate Area!

At Amanohashidate area, there are some live streaming webcams at all 24 hours.
Through this live webcams, you can see Amanohashidate whenever & wherever you are!!
Let’s check live cams, you will feel like as if you are there…!

■”Amanohashidate Kaisenkyou”  The Rotating Bridge

※This Rotating Bridge turns every morning around AM9:55.
Also it turns every Sunday around 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00.
Please check at that time!


Amanohashidate Kasamatsu Park

 From Kasamatsu park, you can overlook Amanohashidate.
If you lean forward and look between your legs, you can see Amanohashidate
like as dragon flying into the sky.
(This way of looking called “MATANOZOKI” in Japanese.)

This landscape from here also called “The bridge to the heaven”.


■Amanohashidate View Land

Webcams (Click Here!)


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