Amanohashidate Area Restaurant and Restaurant Holidays List

Amanohashidate Area Restaurant and Restaurant Holidays List





Amanohashidate (Fuchu) Area

Restaurant Name Restaurant Type Holidays
Matsui Bussan Japanese Cuisine None
Zuishoen Japanese Cuisine None
Hashidate Daimaru Seaside Center Japanese Cuisine None
Suginoya Udon Noodles Fridays
Matsuya Japanese Cuisine Irregular
Tsuruya Restaurant Japanese Cuisine None
Kasamatsu no Sato Japanese Cuisine Irregular
Ogura Japanese Cuisine Tuesdays and every first Wednesday
Yoshinoya Japanese Cuisine None
Amanohashidate Winery Buffet Style Wednesdays
AmaTerrace(Kasamatsu Park) Japanese and Western None
Suehiro Japanese Cuisine Thursdays and every last Wednesday
St. John`s Bear Old Fashioned Western Restaurant None
Sesshuan Japanese Cuisine Wednesdays and every first Tuesday
Restaurant Un Son Benir Japanese/Western Fusion Tuesdays
Nitanda Japanese Cuisine Tuesdays


Amanohashidate (Monju) Area

Restaurant Name Restaurant Type Holidays
Hashidate Daimaru (Main Restaurant) Japanese Cuisine None
Showabussan Japanese Cuisine Irregular
Baikei Japanese Cuisine Wednesdays
Shogin Japanese Cuisine Irregular
Kadoya Japanese Cuisine Irregular
Mikamo Seafood Restaurant Seafood Tuesdays and one Wednesday every month
Viewing Restaurant(Amanohashidate Viewland) Cafe Irregular
Restaurant Monju Irregular
Hashidate Chaya Tea House Thursdays
310 (Sanichimaru) Tuesdays
Yoshino Chaya Tea House Irregular
Monjusou Stone Oven Restaurant-MON Japanese Cuisine Thursdays
Chitose Chaya Ryugu Soba Tea House and Soba Shop Irregular
Taikyourou Agura Japanese Cuisine Irregular
Auberge Amanohashidate Restaurant “Pur” French None
Wine & Inn Chitose Japanese Cuisine Tuesdays
Joujou Coffee & Bread Cafe Thursdays
Ryutou no Matsu Cafe Irregular
Café du Pin Cafe Irregular


Miyazu (Town) Area

Restaurant Name Restaurant Type Holidays
Hiranoya Japanese Cuisine Irregular
Uozen Japanese Seafood Irregular
Japanese Restaurant Fumiya Traditional Japanese Cuisine Irregular
aceto Italian Mondays and Tuesdays
Sushi Kozeni Sushi None
Sushi Namiji


Sushi Wednesdays and every third Tuesday
Seafood Kawasaki Seafood Wednesdays
Zen Japanese Seafood Thursdays
Kanemasu no Shichirinyaki Seafood etc cooked on an earthen charcoal brazier Wednesdays and days when no fish are caught
HAMAKAZE Cafe Western Food None
Shikizen Hanano Tuesdays
Tonchinkan Chinese Wednesdays
Sankaiya Japanese Cuisine None
Pure Jolly Western None
Katsufuji Pork Cutlet (Tonkatsu) None
Kappo Kanta Japanese Cuisine Irregular
Tondaya Japanese Cuisine Mondays
Dondonya Udon Noodles Irregular
Daimon Udon Noodles Irregular
Muratado Café (Curry and Sandwiches) Mondays
Itonaka Japanese Diner Sundays
Maruzen Yakiniku (Japanese Barbeque) Irregular
Azito Japanese Cuisine Sundays
Konpira Udon Udon Noodles Irregular
Daikichi Yakitori (Chicken and Vegetables on Skewers) Sundays
Yamagoya Japanese Diner Sundays


Ramen Haneman Ramen Noodles Mondays and every third Tuesday
Fines Herbes French None



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