Last updated: September 6, 2018

Amanohashidate Shrine

Lying along the Amanohashidate sandbar is a quaint shrine that takes the name of the land bridge itself. This shrine is one of several “power spots” in the Tango area.
Amanohashidate is host to many stories about dragons, and the king of the Eight Dragons is enshrined here.
Beside the shrine is one of Japan’s most famous water springs – the Isokiyoshisui (pure water of the beach). Despite being right on the seashore, this freshwater spring adorns the shrine as the purifying well for travellers to wash their hands at before approaching the shrine.

Spot Name Amanohashidate Shrine
Address Monjuamanohashidatekouen, Miyazu, Kyoto [ Map ]
Opening Hours 24/7
Regular Holiday Open 7 days a week
Usage Fee Free
Reference Amanohashidate Station Tourist Information Center

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Location Map
Monjuamanohashidatekouen, Miyazu, Kyoto
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Access 15 minute walk from Amanohashidate Station
(This shrine is on the Amanohashidate sand bar.)
Parking None
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