Last updated: September 6, 2018

Manai Shrine

Manai shrine is the Okumiya (rear shrine) of Motoise Kono Shrine.  The main gods worhsipped here are Amaterasu Okami and Toyouke Okami.  The shrine is famous for its “Iwakura”, or an ancient rock thought to be the dwelling place of god.  The rock has been preserved and worshipped in its current state for approximately 2,500 years.

The shrine is also famous for having pure sacred water called “Ame no Manai no Mizu”.  Many people come from all over the country to draw water from this spot.

Spot Name Manai Shrine
Address 京都府宮津市中野 [ Map ]
Opening Hours All hours
Regular Holiday None
Usage Fee Free
Reference Motoise Kono Shrine

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manai shrine

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Location Map
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Access A 7 minute walk from Motoise Kono Shrine
Parking Available: Please use Motoise Kono Shrine`s parking lot
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