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Chigenji Temple

Chigenji Temple is a temple belonging to the Sotoshu sect of Buddhism and is an official training center for young monks. There are currently about 10 young monks training at the temple.

The temple itself was constructed in 1625 by Takahiro Kyogoku for his mother.  The main temple hall was constructed in March of 1804.

The principal object of worship at the temple is a golden Shokanzeon Bosatsu (Bodhisattva).  Every year on July 27th, the day of the Kannon Festival, it is a custom for the monks at the temple to hold the golden statue up to the heads of each visitor and bestow them with virtue.

The flower painting on the ceiling of the temple main hall is designated cultural property of Kyoto Prefecture.

Spot Name Chigenji Temple
Address 京都府宮津市京街道769 [ Map ]
Opening Hours Open all hours
Regular Holiday None
Usage Fee Free
Reference Chigenji Temple
TEL:TEL 0772-22-2604



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Access Car or a 15 minute walk from Miyazu train station
Or, a 1 minute walk from the "Kyokaido" bus stop (Tankai Bus)
Parking Available
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