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Mt. Oe

Mt. Oe is one of Miyazu`s most famous mountains.  It is also a site from which “the sea of clouds” (unkai) can be seen on clear autumn days.  The mountain is also a good place to take a drive on an autumn day to enjoy the fall scenery and changing leaves.

The mountain is also home to the “Tango Oni Museum”.  An Oni is a mythical creature similar to an ogre which often makes an appearance in Japanese folklore and childrens` stories.  There are many Oni legends involving Mt. Oe.  If you`re interested in Japanese folklore and legends, the museum is a perfect place to learn and explore the folklore aspect of Japanese culture.

The mountain also used to have a skiing facility but it is now closed.

Spot Name Mt. Oe
Address 京都府与謝町・福知山市・宮津市 [ Map ]
Opening Hours Open all hours
Regular Holiday None
Usage Fee Free
Reference Amanohashidate Tourism Association
TEL:TEL 0772-22-8030

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<Mt. Oe>Access Information
Location Map
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Access 18 minutes by bus from Kyoto Tango Railways Oe train station("Oeyama no Ie" Bus Line)
Takes approximately 1 hr to climb from Oeyama no Ie bus stop
Parking Not Available
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