Last updated: January 29, 2015

Funaya “Fisherman’s/Boat House”

Funaya is a garage of a boat to make it last long. It is also used as a storeroom to hold most of the household goods, workspace to make proceed food such as dried fish, to repair fishing net, to prepare to go fishing.
Such uses of Funaya have been continued, slightly changing as time passes, since Edo Period for several hundred years. And the mirror-like water surface has reflected such beautiful life, and landscape if the four seasons.
Funaya’s extremely functional structure, simple and calm settings, are the fruits of people’s wisdom cultivated over countries.

Spot Name Funaya “Fisherman’s/Boat House”
Address Hirata, Ine, Kyoto [ Map ]
Opening Hours 24/7
Regular Holiday Open 7 days a week
Usage Fee Free
Reference Ine Tourism Accosication

<Funaya “Fisherman’s/Boat House”>Access Information
Location Map
Hirata, Ine, Kyoto
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Access About an hour from Amanohashidate Station by bus.
About 30 minute drive from Amanohashidate Station by car.
Parking Available (free)
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