Last updated: September 6, 2018

Seya Village

Seya is an area of Miyazu located near Hioki.  It is famous for its tanada or rice fields planted in layers almost like shelves or steps. If you go during the rice planting season in May, you can see the rice fields filled with clear water surrounded by beautiful fresh greenery.  If you go in August before the rice harvest, you can see the fully grown rice plants shining golden in the sun.  The rice plants turn gold when they dry and are ready to be harvested. In the spring(mid April), you can see Seya`s famous “lone cherry (sakura) tree”.  One lone cherry blossom tree stands in a large field surrounded by the mountains and ocean.

You can enjoy the atmosphere of an old Japanese village.  Many of the houses still have straw roofs so it is like an old agricultural village.  It is very quiet and peaceful.   There are no trains or other noises that you hear in the city or even in central Miyazu so you can listen to the sounds of birds and insects undisturbed. Seya is accessible by either car or bus.

Spot Name Seya Village
Address 京都府宮津市上世屋字 [ Map ]
Opening Hours Open all hours
Regular Holiday Open 7 days a week
Usage Fee Free
Reference Seya Village

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Access Car, bus
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