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Tango Prefectural Umi to Hoshi (Ocean & Star) Park

Umi to Hoshi Park is a large nature facility located in the Yoro area of Miyazu.  At Umi to Hoshi Park you can enjoy hiking, guided hiking tours, nature workshops, and other activities.  There is even a trail representing the history of the Earth in which hikers travel through a condenced version of the Earth`s 4.6 billion year long history.

The park is a nature sanctuary and has a lookout point from which visitors can overlook the Sea of Japan, Miyazu Bay, the area`s stunning mountains, and even a glimpse of Amanohashidate in the distance.  At night, you can see a beautiful starry sky.

Spot Name Tango Prefectural Umi to Hoshi (Ocean & Star) Park
Address 京都府宮津市里波見 [ Map ]
Opening Hours 9:00~17:00
9:00~20:00 July-September
Regular Holiday Thursdays (Excludes Holidays); and end of December-February
Open every day between July and September
Usage Fee Free
Reference Tango Prefectural Umi to Hoshi (Ocean & Star) Park

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Access Bus or car
Parking Available (Free)
Capacity: 200 cars
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