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Urashima Shrine

A shrine based on the Urashimataro legend which is also a popular Japanese children`s story.

According to legend, a fisherman named Urashimataro helps a turtle in need and is repayed with a trip to a magical underwater realm where he spends some time.  He eventually returns to find that time passed differently in the realm he was in and that hundreds of years have passed in his own realm since he left.  His village, family, and house are all gone.  He despairs and opens the “tamate-bako” box he was presented with when he left the underwater realm by the realm`s beautiful princess and turns into an old man.

If you visit the shrine`s  mini-museum(Reservations Required), you can see scrolls depicting the Urashimataro legend, the “tamate-bako” referenced in the legend, Noh masks, etc.

Open Hours 9:00~16:30
Holidays Irregular (Closed on Shrine festival and event days)
Entrance Fee 400 yen(group discounts available)
To make a Reservation TEL 0772-33-0721; FAX 0772-33-0103
Spot Name Urashima Shrine
Address 京都府与謝郡伊根町字本庄浜141 [ Map ]
Opening Hours Open all hours
Regular Holiday None
Usage Fee Free
Reference Amanohashidate Tourism Association
TEL:TEL 0772-22-8030




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Location Map
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Access By Car: 40 minutes on R178 from Kyoto Jukando Expressway, Amanohashidate Yoza IC

Public Transportation: Take a train to Miyazu train station or Amanohashidate train station(Kyoto Tango Railways). From there, take the bus to "Urashima-jinja Mae". The shrine is a 3 minute walk from the bus stop.
Parking Free parking available
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