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Funaya “Fisherman’s/Boat House”

“Funaya” are boat garages used to protect boats and make them last long. They are also used as storerooms to hold household goods and workspaces to make processed food such as dried fish, to repair fishing nets, and to prepare to go fishing.Funaya have maintained these uses for several hundred years since the Edo period, slightly changing as time passes.

The boat garages are built directly on the water in a quiet tranquil landscape that allows you to be filled with inner peace. Funaya’s extremely functional structure as well as their simple and calm setting are the fruits of peoples` wisdom cultivated over the centuries. And, the mirror-like water surface of Ine Bay reflects the beauty of the traditional lives of the Ine fishermen as well as Ine`s gorgeous landscape throughout the four seasons.

You can also take sight seeing boat tours to get a look at the Funaya from the sea or view the Funaya from above at Ine’s Michi no Eki.  Ine is also a great place to eat fresh seafood cuisine.

Every year at the end of August, a fireworks festival is held in Ine.  Please feel free to inquire if you have any questions.

Spot Name Funaya “Fisherman’s/Boat House”
Address Hirata, Ine, Kyoto [ Map ]
Opening Hours 24/7
Regular Holiday Open 7 days a week
Usage Fee Free
Reference Ine Tourism Accosication


<Funaya “Fisherman’s/Boat House”>Access Information
Location Map
Hirata, Ine, Kyoto
(*)Google Maps will open in a separate window.
Access About an hour from Amanohashidate Station by bus.
About 30 minute drive from Amanohashidate Station by car.
Parking Available (free)
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